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Tournament Info, Fees & Discounts

August 18-20, 2017

Registration Link: Here

Boys/Girls 8U: $350
Boys/Girls 9U-10U: $500
Boys/Girls: 11U-12U: $550
Boys/Girls: 13U-15U: $600

The Puma Cup event will start on Friday night. Local teams (teams 2 hours or less) should expect to play one game on Friday night. Friday night games could be a early as 5pm and as late as 9:30pm. The tournament will have two locations that will provide lighted fields for night games.

All teams may register online. Payment may be made using a credit card during the online registration process or select a pay by check/later option.

Please mail checks to:

Fort Wayne United Puma Cup
1807 East California Rd
Fort Wayne, IN 46825

  • 15% EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT if registered on or before June 9th
  • Register 4 or more teams from the same club receive a 15% discount off each team.
  • Teams may only qualify for one discount.  You may not combine both the early bird and multiple team discounts.

Bracket Levels: 
EPL - Most Competitive - MRL, NPL, Regional or National league teams
MLS - Competitive - State league teams - ISL
Championship- Less competitive - State League 2nd and 3rd Division Teams

Age Groups:    Boys and Girls 8U-15U

8U (4v4)          Cost: $350.00
  • There will be one flight for this age division.
  • All teams will play a minimum of 3 games.
  • Playing formats: 4v4
  • Participation Awards given to all players.
  • No championship game
  • Game length is 3 - 15 minute periods


9U-10U (7v7)          Cost: $500.00
  • There will be Premier (EPL) and First Division Flights (MLS).
  • All teams will play a minimum of 3 games.
  • Playing formats: 7v7
  • Participation Awards given to all players.
  • No championship game
  • Game length is 2 - 25 minute halfs


11U-12U (9v9)       Cost: $550.00

  • There will be Premier (EPL) and First and 2nd Division Flights (MLS).
  • All teams will play a minimum of 3 games.
  • Playing formats: 9v9
  • Championship Game (Unless a 5 team division, in which case teams will receive 4 games)
  • Team Awards and individual awards will given to First and Second Place teams.
  • Game length is 2 - 30 minute halfs
13U-15U (11v11)    Cost: $600.00
  • There will be Premier (EPL) and First and 2nd Division Flights (MLS).
  • All teams will play a minimum of 3 games.
  • Playing format: 11v11
  • Championship Game (Unless a 5 team division, in which case teams will receive 4 games)
  • Team Awards and individual awards will given to First and Second Place teams.
  • Game length is 2 - 35 minute halfs

Placement: All Teams will be placed in appropriate levels based on previous performance in State Cup and selected tournaments, plus Got Soccer rankings. 

The Pitch: All matches will be played at 2 locations.

  1. The Hefner Fields Soccer Complex; 1807 East California Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46825. (Main Headquarters site)
    Hefner Field Driving Directions – Google Maps
    1. Note: The last games at Hefner Fields could be as late as 5pm on Saturday to prepare for the College games that evening.
  2. Kreager Park
The Officials: Our goal is for you to remember the play and not the officials. Our promise is that all games will have appropriate aged and experienced officials for every match. This year we have taken steps to ensure that our Puma Cup referees are holding themselves to a professional standard as this year's Puma Cup will be a host for National Referee Assessors.
Extended Application Deadline: July 28th, 2017

Please direct specific questions to 
James McCaig

Check in for the 2017 PUMA CUP Tournament is recommended to be completed electronically through GotSoccer or mailed in.  There will be LIMITED on-site check in times this year, with none on Saturday.  If you are submitting your check in documents electronically, all information must be received no later than midnight on August 4, 2017.  

If you are opting to mail your check in documents, your envelope MUST be postmarked no later than July 31st, 2017.

You may mail your check in  documents to: 
Fort Wayne United FC Puma Cup
5702 Engle Rd.
Fort Wayne, IN. 46804 

If you do not check in online by August 4, you will only be allowed to check-in onsite on Friday, August 18th from 5pm-7pm at the Headquarters tent.

THERE WILL BE NO REGISTRATION AT THE FIELDS. Teams are required to have copies of their stamped roster, pass cards for each player, state medical release forms, tournament liability forms, guest player forms and permission to travel. All teams will pick up their official stamped roster at the field of their first tournament game from the field marshal. Managers will take this roster to the remaining tournament games for check-in.

Teams from within the United States MUST submit:
  1. Copies of validated player passes issued by USYSA or US Club Soccer (rostered players and guest players). DO NOT SEND ORIGINALS.
  2. One copy of official stamped and validated team roster.
  3. Copy of guest player form if applicable (Access below). MRL teams must submit their approved MRL Guest player roster in place of this form. 
  4. Medical release forms. (Print the Tournament Medical Release form and have all parents/guardians sign.) *Do not need to be notarized.
  5. Travel Permit from your state organization (For USYSA teams outside of Indiana. Not required if roster is US Club Soccer)
  6. Hotel Tracker Form (Access below).
After you have gathered the appropriate documents to register your team please scan or create PDF files for each document type, as they will be uploaded separately.  Please use appropriately descriptive names, (for example: ROSTER, PLAYER PASSES, RULES) so you will know which files to upload.
We recommend scanning multiple player cards to fill an 8.5” x 11” piece of paper and thus requiring fewer “ID Card” attachments. Please be sure to combine all of the player passes into a single pdf. Please be sure to keep docs under 6 MB.
Follow the instructions below:
  • Login to with your username and password.
  • Select the "Fall Fort Wayne United FC Puma Cup 2017" Tournament
  • Select “Documents”
  • Select the labels from the drop down list and upload the appropriate files.
If you have questions or problems submitting your documents please email James McCaig at 
  • This is a play and stay event. All teams must go through the hotel coordinator for bookings
  • To make the hotel booking process easy and organized please fill out the Hotel Request Form online, and our hotel coordinator will contact you.
  • Click here to review hotel list
  • You may add guest players at anytime prior to your first game during registration only.
  • All teams may have up to 4 guest players. All players can only play on one team per age group and not more than 2 teams team per tournament.
  • All guest players must fill out guest player form. Click Here
  • If you have not received your player cards you must bring a copy of each player’s birth certificate and a picture which allows our staff to confirm with the state roster.
  • You may have up to 3 U15 "trapped" players on your U14 roster  

Download our Fort Wayne United FC Tournament App for the most up-to-date Tournament news and changes.  Available now in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Teams are required to arrive at the appropriate field twenty (20) minutes prior to the scheduled game time. Tournament field marshals will conduct the check-in process at this time. All players and coaches/team representative must be present. Teams are required to start games on time. Any team that is (15) minutes late for a game will forfeit that game. According to FIFA rules, seven (7) players are needed to start the game. A team’s failure to complete a match or leaving the field during play will result in forfeiture.
Failure to Show - Forfeits
The Tournament Director will make the final decision if a forfeit shall be allowed depending upon extenuating circumstances that may have prevented a team from making the game on time. If a forfeit is determined, the winning team will be awarded a score of 1-0 and will receive only 3 points for the win. In the event of a forfeit in a group, all teams in the group will be awarded the same points. No team that has forfeited a game will be declared a group or division winner.

There will be NO parking fee for this year’s event. Thanks to our sponsors we were able to cover the cost of parking with their support. Everyone may park in the Hefner Fields lots.

  • Player check–in at games
    • Every player participating shall have an approved player pass at each game. All team managers or coaches are responsible to checking cards to the master roster of the opposing team before each game. After check-in cards will be collected by the referee prior to the start of the match
  • Turning in Game reports
    • At the completion of each game the winning team or the home team (if game is tied) is responsible of turning in the game report to the Headquarters tent.
  • Awards
    • All U9-U10 teams will receive participation awards. Please report to the Headquarters team after your last scheduled game to receive your awards
    • All U11-U14 Finalists will receive individual awards and trophies. Please report to the Headquarters tent after the completion of the Championship match.
The tournament committee and/or director have the right to stop games due to weather. Games interrupted in the first half will continue if time permits, if time does not permit, a 0-0 tie will be awarded.
Games interrupted after the completion of the first half will continue if time permits, if time does not permit, the score of the game will stand.

In conjunction with the Puma Cup, we have partnered with the Shindigz National Soccer Festival. This Soccer Festival is honored every year to bring in college teams that are top ranked in the country for pre-season games. Due to the great history of the event, ShindigZ National Soccer Festival has been recognized nationally as the premier collegiate soccer event. Some of the colleges that have participated in this event in the past are Indiana Univ., Michigan State, Ohio State, Akron, Univ. of Washington, and North Carolina.

All Puma Cup participates will receive an option to purchase tickets, click here for more information!

Event Games are played in 2 Locations

1. Hefner Field/The Plex North - Tournament Head quarters
1807 East California Rd Fort Wayne IN 46825
Field Map: Click Here
Hefner Field Driving Directions – Google Maps

2. Kreager Park

James McCaig - 260-496-9999 ext.526 - Tournament Director