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Boys Travel Ages 8-19

Elite Academy (Tier 1)

Elite Academy is for boys U13, U14, U15, U16, U17, U19. The league was launched to provide enhanced player development opportunities for top Academy clubs inside a National Youth Platform to extend best-in-class standards. The EA is composed of elite members that represent the most competitive clubs in their market

The Elite Academy League will continue to build off the former DA and now the “MLS Elite” national programs. With a commitment to being the top player development league in the United States, EA will replicate the DA program in all the best aspects of the former program, but with the added benefit of new innovations gained through collective experience and knowledge of the elite club members’ individual strengths. The idea is to mirror the MLS’ platform and offer a consistent, progressive pathway for players to develop and advance.

EA Mission: The Elite Academy League has a mission to provide a National platform with a standards-based league giving clubs the ability to provide a full developmental model and pathway with top competition and exposure.

EA Vision: Our vision is to sit atop the youth landscape, providing Elite Academy clubs and leaders the opportunity to guide the league and have autonomy to develop the game in the US. This league will serve to provide a seamless elite pathway for clubs and players to excel in the competitive landscape.

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Executive Director of Coaching:
Bobby Poursanidis

Technical Director 12-15 Boys & Girls:
Aaron Tulloch

Technical Director 8-11 Boys & Girls:
David Bokhart

EA Pool 13-19 (Tier 2)

The “Pool program” is for Ages 10-19 boys.  Players are assessed on all the components of the game. Technique being the most important component, overall confidence on the ball, soccer IQ-tactical understanding, the physical demands and abilities executing technically and tactically, psychologically dealing with adversity and how to overcome challenges as well attitude, passion, perseverance, mental toughness and sportsmanship. After try-outs, these factors are considered and players are placed in one of 4 tiered teams. 


Tier 2 - Pre-EA/Pool


Tier 4, High School Select

Sometimes players fit one particular tier, but show potential for advancement and are, therefore, given an opportunity to practice and (in certain circumstances) play games with the next higher tiered team. The players that straddle 2 tiers are called POOL PLAYERS.

We have vast experience and understanding when it comes to the fluidity of individual soccer development.   As a player grows within the game, his/her skill level might change. For example, a player that was initially identified as Tier 3 becomes more technically proficient and, therefore, on the same level as a Tier 2 player.

So, an “ELITE ACADEMY (EA) pool player” is a player who has been rostered on the UNITED ACADEMY TEAM tier 3, but will be given the opportunity to train with the EA team. Likewise, a “HIGH SCHOOL SELECT player” is rostered on the HIGH SCHOOL SELECT team but will be given the opportunity to train and potentially play with A UNITED ACADEMY TEAM(S).

United Academy Level Travel Soccer (Tier 3)

Offered for boys and girls age U11-U19, Fort Wayne United FC (Academy level) is committed to soccer perfection and is dedicated to achieving the highest goals in State and Regional Soccer Programs. 

The roster are often but not guaranteed to be composed of COMBINED AGE GROUPS (13-14, 15-16, 17-18) players who are not selected for the EA level, but who have the drive, skill and potential to break into an EA team with the right development and within the right environment. Creating this team provides players the opportunity to challenge themselves physically and mentally while maintaining a high level of technical standard amongst players. 

Our proven track record of success is seen through world class facilities, professional coaching and through player/team achievements. The Academy level teams take pride in their achievements at State and Regional competitions. Coaches focus on training and educating players to reach their full potential on and off the field. Whether it is to become an international talent, a regional or state winner or a player who wants to be the absolute best, the Academy level fosters the next step of soccer development.

LEAGUES: Indiana Soccer League Premier (top league in the state), Great Lakes Conference (top regional league available in the Midwest with National considerations), EA Opportunities.

CUP GAMES: The Academy level teams will be competing in the USYS State, Regional and National Cup Event (State Cup).

High School Select (Tier 4)

Competitive level players who are looking to improve for High School with a program that has limited or no travel and less demanding commitment. (15U-19U)

We believe there are three prominent challenges High School players face when considering opportunities for continued development with an off-season program: Time, Travel and Finance. Fort Wayne United FC has created a program called High School Select to help change these challenges into opportunities for players. 

The focus is on offering an affordable training/play regimen during the winter and spring (Jan- May) that will bolster player skills and knowledge through continued education. Players will register and attend Fort Wayne United Tryouts and be selected to a High School Select team. Teams will abide by IHSAA rules to have no more than 7 players from the same school on a team.  

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The fascination for playing and the thrill of scoring goals provides the launching pad.  The joy and pleasure of the game are best nurtured by encouraging freedom of expression and organizing children’s play in small groups. Our focus is on FUNdamentals and improving technique.  At this stage, players do not understand tactics or collective play. We keep it FUN and ENJOYABLE to foster a desire to play while learning basic skills.


LEAGUES: Indiana Soccer League (Limited Travel) and Friendlies.
9U AND 10U play 7v7, 8U will play 4v4.


Fort Wayne United offers a “Training Player” option that will help you improve your skills for the Club and or School Team under the Fort Wayne United developmental system.

As a training player you will:

  • Train with a United Travel Team (Director will place at appropriate level for development).

  • Training will be 2-3 days a week.

  • Monthly charge that a player can cancel at any time

  • Benefit from the coaching environment at FW United.

  • Continue to receive the education to improve without the travel commitments. 

Youth Pre-Academy

AGES 8-10



Scholarships Available


  • Training 2-3x/week
  • Fall Indiana Soccer League or NEESL
  • Puma Cup(FWU hosted Event)
  • Fall Tournament
  • Winter Training 2x/week (December-March)
  • Winter League Winter I & II Sessions
  • 3V3 New Year's Event
  • Spring Indiana Soccer League or NEESL
  • Shoot 4 A Cure (FWU hosted Event)
  • FW United Spring Festival
  • Plex Membership Card

Above benefits vary based on age group, see program guide for a complete list of benefits by age.




Boys High School Select
 Program Guide

AGES 15-19


Scholarships Available



  • A dedicated FWU coach 
  • IHSSA 7 player rule will be in honored (No more then 7 players from 1 high school on a team)
  • League play in Winter 2 indoor session at The Plex beginning in January
  • 2 winter training sessions per week 

  • 2 outdoor spring training sessions (March-May)

  • Spring league play in a local Men's league with limited travel in the city

  • Options for Tournaments play or Playing game with United Academy team

Above benefits vary based on age group, see program guide for a complete list of benefits by age.




2021-2022 Boys
Program Guide

AGES 11-19



Scholarships Available


  • Training 2-4x/week
  • Fall League (EA, USYS National League and or Indiana Soccer League) 
  • Puma Cup(FWU hosted Event)
  • Fall Tournament/ Showcase 
  • Winter Training 2x/week (December-March)
  • Winter League Winter I & II Sessions
  • Winter Event
  • Plex Membership Card
  • Spring League (EA, USYS National League and or Indiana Soccer League) 
  • Shoot 4 A Cure (FWU hosted Event)
  • Spring Tournament
  • USYS State Cup/ National Playoffs

Above benefits vary based on age group, see program guide for a complete list of benefits by age.