We Offer:

  • A consistent and competitive training environment that is demanding, challenging, motivating, enjoyable and realistic to the game.
  • Quality training to help guide, direct, and assist players through their youth careers from coaches who have a comprehensive understanding of the game and how to teach it.
  • Ideal game environment that is age/ability appropriate against teams that will push the players to their maximum capabilities.
  • Player identification system that help players achieve their goals whether it’s playing Middle School, High School, Collegiate, Professional Leagues, Olympic Developmental Program (ODP) or National programs.
  • Fees that are fair and affordable and a scholarship program for families in need.

The above elements are generated through The Fort Wayne United FC’s three-tier level system.  The first level is Academy which is the highest tier of travel competition. The second level is Elite which is the middle tier of travel competition. The third level is Premier which provides training to better prepare players for their Middle School and High School Teams. This third tier is for players who are looking for individual player development in a less demanding environment with limited travel.