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Lightning Policy

The safety of our players and families is the number one priority. Lightning can strike quickly and unexpectedly and it can be deadly. OBEY ALL LIGHTNING POLICIES IN PLACE AT ANY COMPLEX, FIELD, PARK, FACILITY AND/OR EVENT.

RULE: If thunder is heard or lightning is seen, all training sessions and/or games are to be stopped immediately and all players, coaches and spectators are to take shelter in their vehicles or a safe place.

The United Coaching staff is instructed to stop all sessions immediately if thunder is heard or lightning is seen. There is no exception to this rule. Players, coaches and parents are to take immediate shelter.

  • All training sessions and games will be delayed for 30 minutes from when lightning is seen.
  • The 30 minute delay in training sessions or games will restart every time lightning is seen.
  • Players, parents and spectators are not to return to the fields until a full 30 minutes has passed without seeing any lightning or hearing any thunder.
  • Clear sky, blue sky and sun shining do not mean the area is safe to resume practice and games!
  • All practice sessions will finish at their designated time unless field space and coaches’ availability permit for a practice extension.

Once thunder is heard or lightning is seen:

  • Stay away from metal including fencing, bleachers, flagpoles, dugouts, sheds, and goals.
  • Avoid high places, open areas, overhead wires and power lines, telephones and cellular phones, radios, isolated trees, picnic shelters, golf carts, or any type of standing water.
  • If you are outside, the interior of a car, truck with a metal roof and the windows closed is relatively safe from lightning. To be safe, do not touch the metal on the inside of the vehicle.
  • If you are outdoors with no shelter available, find a low spot away from trees, bleachers, fences, and other metal structures. Make sure the area is not prone to flooding.
  • Players, parents and spectators are not to return to the fields without permission.
  • Anyone not following these guidelines and choose to remain outdoors or in an inappropriate area or shelter will do so at their own risk.

Facility owners and management have the right to close the complex or delay sessions/games at their discretion.