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COVID-19 Update for United families

By FW United, 03/20/20, 9:25AM EDT


March 19, 2020

Dear Fort Wayne United Family,

We all know the common buzzwords being used right now … uncharted territory, monitoring the situation, abundance of caution, following local and state directives, etc. It is difficult to talk about the situation we find ourselves in without mentioning one of these. As with the rest of the country, Fort Wayne United is anxiously awaiting the next chapter of the COVID-19 saga. We have our unique challenges, but also find common ground with soccer organizations throughout the region. How long will this last? Will we have a Spring season? Will there be tournaments? The list goes on and on. All of these things create anxiety. Unfortunately, the answers will likely not be answered for weeks.

Please know we have the same feelings as many of you. We are parents, we are educators, we are employees and we are customers; so we understand that there are considerations beyond just emotions. There are financial impacts as well. Right now, we are unsure where this will land, but we will be transparent with our process.

We respect that this unprecedented situation (more buzzwords!) constantly evolves for those with whom we partner. Today, Indiana Soccer League announced their plan to prolong the suspension of soccer games and practices through April 15th. At this time, it is their intention to keep the season intact, just extend it through June. Again, until we know which leagues and tournaments will be held, it is not possible for us to make financial decisions for our members.

One thing we CAN tell you is that we are actively working on hypothetical Plan A, hypothetical Plan B and hypothetical Plan C. We remain positive and will work tirelessly to stay in front of this. Our coaches and administration came out fighting and brainstormed ideas to keep players engaged. Hopefully you have watched some of the videos that were produced. They are just one idea in a list of many to continue the development process.  Stay tuned…

We ask that you continue to be patient and understanding, given the current climate. More than that, our hope is that you and your family remain healthy and optimistic during this difficult moment in history. There is no doubt we will come out stronger on the other side. In the meantime, we will continue to communicate with you and provide updates.


Stay Safe,

Fort Wayne United FC