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Optimum Performance Sports

Proud Partners

Optimum Performance Sports (OPS) is proud to partner with Fort Wayne United for sports performance training and testing, with access to injury prevention, injury care, and comprehensive rehabilitation. Ask your Fort Wayne United coach to see how OPS can help you.

Sports Performance Training & Testing
1701 Freeman St.
Fort Wayne, IN 46802
(260) 435-2631

Injury Concierge Service
(260) 435-2631

Sports Performance Training: Any Age, Any Level

If you’re an athlete, competition is in your blood and having a competitive edge can give you the advantage. That’s where OPS comes in.

Optimum Performance Sports combines sports medicine services from Lutheran Health Network and Fort Wayne Orthopedics with powerful sports performance training. OPS athletes can experience real, measurable results in speed, strength and quickness without increasing their risk of injury. Our five-step process is founded on a thorough understanding of human movement. It’s not just strength training. It’s smarter training. Plus, you get access to high quality injury care and comprehensive rehabilitation and therapy. So if you ever do get injured, you can get back in the game as quickly as possible.

Rethink Your Limits.

Rather than only building strength, OPS athletes can learn how to move efficiently and effectively, using proper muscle patterns. This can give you greater fluidity of movement and lower your risk of injury.

Athletes in the OPS program are taught how to:

  • Put their bodies in and maintain correct positions
  • Make the right muscles contract at the right time
  • Relax antagonistic muscle groups at the right time

To ensure goals are being met safely, athletes:

  • Are evaluated and tested for power, quickness and vertical-jump height using computerized force plates and are monitored continuously
  • Undergo a Functional Movement ScreenTM, a screening tool used to identify limitations or asymmetries that are key to functional movement quality
  • Benefit from a small trainer-to-athletes ratio

Injury Care and Recovery

Unfortunately, injuries are an inherent risk for athletes. The stress of practices, training and games, pushing your body to its limits, and playing high-contact sports makes athletes much more prone to injuries—even with proper training and techniques. When injuries occur, OPS is there. OPS offers specialized injury care designed especially for athletes, including minimally invasive surgical techniques, if necessary. We also offer comprehensive rehabilitation and therapy to help you get back in the game and performing at your peak following injuries.

Injury Concierge Service
(260) 435-2631

When an injury occurs, the OPS injury concierge service gives you access to a fast track for care. Simply call (260) 435-2631, and the concierge service will take care of the following for you:

  • Schedule an appointment with a board-certified physician
  • Assist with navigation through injury assessment, medical care and rehabilitation
  • Ensure that you receive specialized care based on your specific injury

Get Back in the Game

OPS offers our athletes comprehensive sports rehabilitation and therapy services. If an injury does occur, you can spend as little time as possible on the sidelines. Our goal is to get you back in the game as quickly and safely as possible. Following physical therapy, you can choose to participate in one of our many specialized training programs to help keep you performing at your best.

Health and Wellness for the Entire Family

Whether it’s a routine doctor’s visit, a flu shot, a knee replacement or a medical emergency, Lutheran Health Network is here to help you and your family with a variety of healthcare needs. Find out more at

OPS is a department of The Orthopedic Hospital, a physician-owned hospital.

OPS General Assembly Presentation - November 2016