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About Indoor Events & Rules

Thank you for considering the full field 11v11 indoor events. The Fort Wayne United Futbol Club, in conjunction with the Plex South, is delighted to host these 11v11 full sided games each and every year. Here is helpful information for everyone.
  • Our goal is to provide each team 3 high level games to prepare for tournaments and/or the spring season. 
  • This event does not have "finals". 
  • There is one full size field which is approximately 100x62. 
  • Games run continuously
  • FW United FC friendlies and showcases
    • Friday 10am-12am
    • Saturday 7am-12am
    • Sunday 7am-6:00pm
  • Event Schedules are published three weeks or sooner prior to the start date of the event.
  • Teams can make schedule requests, but that DOES NOT guarantee the event will honor the request. However we will make every effort to meet your request.
    • Typically schedules will contain 2 great to good times and one non preferred time. (IT VARIES)
  • There is a possibility that teams will have a 6 hour gap between games.
  • All games:
    • are a 58 minute running clock.
    • run with a "2-man" referee system. 
  • All teams need to be willing to play Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday. 
    • There are no refunds if a team registers, is then accepted, and later decides they do not like their schedule.
  • Players may wear any type of playing shoe other than metal cleats.
  • There are specifically designated warm-up areas.
  • Teams do not need to bring player cards as we use the team waiver form for these events. 
  • Every player must have a completed waiver form to participate (no exceptions). 
  • Teams must register and pay by credit card or check in order to be considered for acceptance. 
    • ‚ÄčMake Checks out to: The PLEX   
    • 1807 East California Rd Fort Wayne Indiana 46825
  • If a team is not accepted they will receive a full refund at the completion of the event. 
  • The home team is listed first on the schedule and has first choice of jersey color.
The event follows all FIFA 11v11 rules with the below adjustments....
Roster Size - No limit
Guest Players - No limit
Player Cards - Not necessary.
All participating teams will need to turn in a roster forms with sign plex waivers for each player.
Shoes - Indoor and Outdoor cleats are permitted excluding metal cleats.
All games are 58 minute running clock.
If a player or coach receives a "Straight" Red card during the event they will not be allowed to participate for the remainder of the event. If a player or coach receives a "Soft" red (two yellows) that player or coach must sit out the next game.
Thank you for your interest in our 11v11 full sided events. We hope to see you on the pitch!