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FWU Script Program

What is SCRIP?

What is SCRIP? For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of SCRIP, click on this link which provides insight into SCRIP in general.

If you are not currently taking advantage of the FWUnited FC Scrip fundraising program, NOW is the time to do so! FWUFC utilizes the online program You simply log onto your account (once you have set it up initially) and start ordering. It does not get any easier than this for you to raise funds towards your player fees! You may order SCRIP from your PC, tablet or smartphone… anytime…anywhere...  With some retailers, you are even able to instantly reload cards you already have or purchase and print gift cards– allowing for more immediate use.



  1. Log on to and click on “register.”
  2. Click on the “join a scrip program.”
  3. Enter our enrollment code = 111CC1C246L1
  4. Fill out all questions and click “register.”  It will ask you 2 security questions.  THESE ARE CASE SENSITIVE ANSWERS!
  5. Go to your “dashboard,” under “family functions,” and under presto pay.  This is where you will enter your bank information so that any SCRIP you purchase will come straight out of that account.
  6. Once you have entered your general information, SCRIP will send you a code via text message or phone call to confirm it is you. Once the code is entered, you will need to ADD A BANK ACCOUNT FOR ONLINE PAYMENTS. There are 2 options at this point: 1.) Instant setup (click on your bank and proceed). It will ask you to sign into your bank account and your bank will send you a confirmation code. 2.) If your bank is not shown, you will need to sign up manually. In this case, SCRIP will deposit 2 small amounts into your account and you will need to follow the instructions given. Any SCRIP that you order will come straight out of this bank account. An email notification of your approval will be sent to Fort Wayne United administration.


All orders have a .15 fee, whether you are ordering 1 or 100 cards. Once your banking information is confirmed, you are ready to start shopping…and saving money on your players’ fees!

SCRIP Policies and Procedures

SCRIP Policies and Procedures

  • SCRIP orders (for “physical” cards) are placed every other Wednesday. With the availability of RELOAD NOW and SCRIP NOW, retailers are getting away from the plastic cards. These cards are then available for pickup at The Plex North office during regular business hours. If you aren’t sure if your physical scrip cards have been ordered, feel free to contact our office (260) 496-9999  x523.
  • To cover our expenses (shipping, administration, etc), FW United will retain 10% of the rebates received from your scrip purchases. These funds are put to the Fort Wayne United Scholarship Fund.
  • Any credit accrued on your account may only be used towards future player fees. Credit from the previous month is typically applied to your account sometime between the 3rd and 15th of the following month. For example, if you accumulated $12.50 of scrip credit during the month of November, a credit of $11.25 (after 10%  admin fee) will show up on your account between the 3rd and 15th of December. We make every attempt to have the credit applied before the current month’s player fees are due, but that is not always possible.

Any scrip credit remaining in your account when exiting from the club for any reason (i.e. “age out” or quit) will be automatically transferred to the FW United Scholarship Fund. 


There are multiple options for receiving the SCRIP you order:

SCRIPNOW (preferred method of ordering) – By far the easiest and quickest method for ordering and receiving your SCRIP. Many vendors offer eCards which are downloaded to your account in minutes. You will then show your eCard on your phone at the designated retail location. Simple.

RELOAD / RELOADNOW - When you already have a physical card, some retailers allow you to reload those cards. If  vendor indicates “RELOAD” next to their name, any amount you order will be added to that card overnight (for orders placed before 3:30 pm EST, Mon-Fri). If it indicates “RELOADNOW”, your funds are AVAILABLE WITHIN MINUTES!

PHYSICAL (slowest turnaround time)-  There are  still some retailers who do not yet offer reloads. In these instances, the card will need to be physically mailed to our pickup location (Plex North). The turnaround time on these orders is two weeks or less. We place an order every other week. Orders placed by Tuesday at 7pm (on an “ordering week”) will be available no later than the following Monday at noon. You will then need to stop by and pick up your cards at your convenience.

Trish Poursanidis

Phone: 2604969999